I’ve tried staging a love poem workshop two or three times and in all of those attempts,┬áno one showed up. The one time I facilitated an open forum on getting poetry published, I had about 10 to 12 people come and the hour wasn’t long enough to answer all the questions the attendees have. I […]

A brief look back at 2014 and what’s coming up soon in 2015.

I talk about my favorite books and music in 2014 and other things that caught my eye over the past couple of weeks.

Where I talk about two Kickstarter campaigns you should support, and some recent publication news.


I got married and I was on my honeymoon in France (Paris, Annecy, Dijon, Reims) and London for the last two weeks. I saw a lot, ate a lot, and overall it was a really good experience. It was my first trip outside of the United States and I want to check out more of […]

As of yesterday, my move back to Orlando is complete. I don’t miss Seminole County much (except for their bicycle trails). Moving out there in early 2013 was needed for personal and professional reasons and I’m glad to be back where I belong. Not much else is happening on the writing front. I’m going away […]

After going back and forth for the last couple of years about getting an MFA, I applied for a program. The application guidelines were simple: 7-10 pages of poems and a statement of intent sent via email. No application fee. No recommendation letters required. The program takes about a week to respond; I got accepted […]