On engagements, working a book fair, excerpts from my forthcoming illustrated poetry collection The Bones of Us, and a new installment of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective.

On applying the Urkel offensive to writing, long term projects, local book fairs, and an observation about the Orlando lit scene.

The urgent care center I got checked out at after last week’s collision called me this morning to inform me my fourth rib had a “possible” hairline fracture…

On collisions, chapbooks, and a recently published poem

On Hill William, my favorite albums of 2013, and a show I’m producing this Saturday, October 26.

On getting lost yet again, comics books, coffee, and a new poem.

I have finally met a city that has managed to thwart my ability to thrive without driving: Morgantown. The public transportation is worse than Orlando’s and the roads are more treacherous (though Morgantown has a bicycle friendly city designation somehow). I foolishly walked to work from my motel Monday to the site I am working […]

On Mistaken For Strangers, Breaking Bad, Safety Third’s newest upcoming chapbook, and some new work from me.

On short artistic attention spans, gun control, and a slam poem from 2007.

On watching Spring Breakers and No and running a poetry slam for the first time in over two years.