The urgent care center I got checked out at after last week’s collision called me this morning to inform me my fourth rib had a “possible” hairline fracture…

On collisions, chapbooks, and a recently published poem

On Hill William, my favorite albums of 2013, and a show I’m producing this Saturday, October 26.

On getting lost yet again, comics books, coffee, and a new poem.

I have finally met a city that has managed to thwart my ability to thrive without driving: Morgantown. The public transportation is worse than Orlando’s and the roads are more treacherous (though Morgantown has a bicycle friendly city designation somehow). I foolishly walked to work from my motel Monday to the site I am working […]

On Mistaken For Strangers, Breaking Bad, Safety Third’s newest upcoming chapbook, and some new work from me.

On short artistic attention spans, gun control, and a slam poem from 2007.

On watching Spring Breakers and No and running a poetry slam for the first time in over two years.

I was in a taproom in Seminole County that brews its own beer five days after the George Zimmerman verdict and I was there to people watch. During that time, I heard talk of the president wanting to take away their guns, about the armories in their houses, their cars, how we elected a black […]

On how critics get it wrong sometimes, and the latest about The Bones of Us Kickstarter.