I was in a taproom in Seminole County that brews its own beer five days after the George Zimmerman verdict and I was there to people watch. During that time, I heard talk of the president wanting to take away their guns, about the armories in their houses, their cars, how we elected a black […]

On how critics get it wrong sometimes, and the latest about The Bones of Us Kickstarter.

I’m in St. Louis again on business until next Friday. I don’t have any readings planned. I’m working on something new, something I won’t discuss in detail until it is done and it has a home somewhere. I’m figuring out that I really enjoy the prose poem format, the blur between narrative and poetry. I’ve […]

I can finally share this. My second collection of poetry, The Bones of Us, will be a graphic poetry collection published by YesYes Books in early 2014, with the immensely talented Adam Scott Mazer proving the illustrations (see above for example). A Kickstarter will come soon to help expand the print run, among other things. All of […]

I never have taken a vacation before. Since 2001, I traveled with the intent to do something literary (such as the National Poetry Slam or a book tour). The things that happened between readings/competitions were just ways to pass the time until it was time to perform. It was a little under a month into […]

I’m teaching myself to slow down from a project perspective. I have a lot of ideas I want to work on, to execute, but there are no deadlines that provide that focus needed to get something done. I jump back and forth, though I haven’t focused on the Jesus Christ, Boy Detective series, which I […]

I wasn’t so sure about The National’s Trouble Will Find Me once the album became available for streaming in full from iTunes. The first five songs worked perfectly, and then the album’s pace and velocity became erratic. Then I listened to it again. And again. And again. I’m happy to say the album is excellent (and […]

I haven’t had a good reason to stay in Orlando for my birthday since 2009.

Holy shit guys, Bodies Made of Smoke is currently sold out through Amazon. I’m floored by this, and humbled. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy through it. Now, it just needs some reviews to keep getting the word about my novella. If you bought a copy through Amazon, click here to review it. (Also, […]

I’m featuring at a poetry slam for the first time in almost a year next week (April 17).