Writers are a bit odd when it comes to self-promotion of their product (because your writing is a product). One of the struggles I’ve had with the print runs of There Will Be Words chapbooks is motivating the writers to sell them since they benefit financially once we meet cost. From November 2013-February 2014, we made […]


On reading in Melbourne, FL, upcoming show dates, what I’ve read lately, and publication news.


On coming down from a tour, publishing chapbooks, upcoming reading dates for The Bones of Us, and a shoutout to Adam Scott Mazer regarding his new play.


I am back home after spending the past four days in the Bay Area where I did five events in three days (a workshop visit to Mills College, a reading at 851, featuring at the Berkeley Poetry Slam, a reading and a Q & A at two different campuses of City College of San Francisco) […]

Tomorrow, I go to Seattle for AWP 2014. The Bones of Us comes out on March 15, but there will be copies of it at the YesYes Books table (P16) that you can purchase. Here are some teaser pics of the book. You can also pick up an invite at the YesYes Books table for the […]

In a little over two weeks, I’ll be in Seattle at AWP with a great deal of the literary population in the United States. I’ll be kicking off The Bones of Us and doing a small book tour to support it. Before this happens, I have to get through some major work projects and go to […]

On writing about the first poem for The Bones of Us, a review of Her, and some publication news.