In a little over two weeks, I’ll be in Seattle at AWP with a great deal of the literary population in the United States. I’ll be kicking off The Bones of Us and doing a small book tour to support it. Before this happens, I have to get through some major work projects and go to […]

On writing about the first poem for The Bones of Us, a review of Her, and some publication news.

On intentionally watching shitty movies, new excerpts of The Bones of Us, and publication news.

A pulse check on the publishing arm of There Will Be Words, what I’m listening to lately, and publication news.

On examining my work (and others), prepping for The Bones of Us West Coast tour, and the latest publications.

On engagements, working a book fair, excerpts from my forthcoming illustrated poetry collection The Bones of Us, and a new installment of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective.

On applying the Urkel offensive to writing, long term projects, local book fairs, and an observation about the Orlando lit scene.