I’m sitting in my living room for the first time since Tuesday night and already, I hate the silence, that I lack wine and a store in which to get wine at this time of night. My second year at AWP was good overall, partially because AWP was in one of my favorite cities (Chicago) […]

This is the official announcement of the mini-tour supporting my new fiction chapbook, We Will Celebrate Our Failures. All of the readings I’ll be in at AWP I’ll read pieces from the chapbook or some b-sides. My publisher is so hardcore about book design, he added a special touch to the cover. Should you buy a copy […]

Yesterday, I was supposed to teach a workshop on writing love poems.

It took me a week, but I’m finally, finally used to my new glasses. My eyes were a little worse this time and I found out from the optometrist that I have astigmatism in my left eyes. I would like to thank my parents for the faulty genetics (and a tank like immune system) . It’s been awhile […]

Last night was the 15 Views of Orlando release party at Urban Rethink. Allow me to show you one photo of the show. The turnout for this show was absolutely awe inspiring, to see the venue packed to near fire hazard capacity for a book brings me great joy (I will however refrain from calling out […]

I’m not someone who revels in accomplishments. I allow a moment to recognize what I’ve done, then keep moving forward. I’ve done a lot this year. Let’s start from the most important. 1. Walking away from the Broken Speech Poetry Slam This is the most important thing I did in 2011 as a writer and […]