I never have taken a vacation before. Since 2001, I traveled with the intent to do something literary (such as the National Poetry Slam or a book tour). The things that happened between readings/competitions were just ways to pass the time until it was time to perform. It was a little under a month into […]

My novella from HOUSEFIRE is out and I am excited about this. It’s been a long time coming. Ignore the out of stock thing on Amazon, seriously. Order it and you will love it. Watch the trailer and then go order it here. Work is kicking my ass. I’m trying to adjust to the grind […]

To start, I wrote this poem after discovering my wedding invitations while cleaning my closet before my last trip to Memphis. When I looked at the invites, I realized that I forgot the year I was married, a step forward in this prolonged grieving over the death of this relationship, my longest relationship. I call […]

It’s been ages since we’ve talked. Ages. Let’s get down to business. The first five hundred words of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective and The Royal Flush of Fate is up over at Unshod Quills. You should read it here. The novel is just a hair under the 33,000 mark. I think this weekend while I’m out of […]

I’m not someone who revels in accomplishments. I allow a moment to recognize what I’ve done, then keep moving forward. I’ve done a lot this year. Let’s start from the most important. 1. Walking away from the Broken Speech Poetry Slam This is the most important thing I did in 2011 as a writer and […]

I’m a man who needs deadlines or daily goals to accomplish things in my personal life. It’s why I’ve been such a lazy fuck about packing up my apartment (more on that in a moment). It’s why I have a habit of starting and dropping projects because of it and I realize because I didn’t […]

I don’t drive. I can drive and have driven in an emergency situation or two but I don’t drive. Originally, it was a rebellion thing because I didn’t feel like being my mom’s gopher but it stuck. I’ve lived a life without a car for a very long time and while it has its challenges […]

I went through the old Livejournal to find out where I was ten years ago, and I found it from an entry I wrote in 2003: i was in bed when my mother got a call from my grandmother that she needed to turn on the t.v. when she did, she told me to turn […]

I get invites on Facebook from people in my city to come to their shows. I also send invites on Facebook to people in my city to come to There Will Be Words. I try to show up to shows when someone I like is in them or running them. What I dislike the most […]

I found myself at a work dinner talking about writing and drinking and even admitting that children are not in the cards when that topic came up and I’m realizing, man do I sound like a sad sack. And in a way I do. This is how I work: when I am in like/love/lust/infatuation, the […]