I’ve tried staging a love poem workshop two or three times and in all of those attempts, no one showed up. The one time I facilitated an open forum on getting poetry published, I had about 10 to 12 people come and the hour wasn’t long enough to answer all the questions the attendees have. I […]

This past Thursday, I did my first ever Spreecast show, reading Bodies Made of Smoke and then doing Q & A about the book and other projects. The really cool thing about Spreecast is that it archives the show so people can take a look at it at their own convenience, which you can actually do here. I’ll probably […]

I’m trying the workshop thing again, teaching one. I wasn’t able to pull it off in my own city so, borrowing from Rachel McKibbens, I’ve decided to take it online. Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 2:00 pm EST, I’ll be facilitating my love poem workshop, Our Hearts Are Power Ballads. I’m taking twelve people and all […]

On this day of love, I give you so many gifts. The first and biggest is this. This is a project I worked on in 2010 and 2011 and these are some of the stories that came from that project. It’s a semi linked collection of stories where relationships are destroyed in a fucked up […]

Yesterday, I was supposed to teach a workshop on writing love poems.

I just got back from participating in a fantastic edition of Culture & Cocktails. My fellow readers, Whitney Hamrick, Jocelyn Bartkevicius, and Nick Brown, killed it in various ways (I booked Nick for There Will Be Words in the future). I opened the night up with a set of all poems. Here they are. Hunt […]

Tomorrow, February 10, I’ll be performing here at 6pm $5 gets you in the venue and a glass of wine or beer. Pretty sweet deal. Saturday, February 11, I am teaching here. Make sure to bring your favorite love poem or lyrics to your favorite love song, something to write with and something to write on. […]