On resigning from an editorial post and a call for submissions in 2014.

Last May, James Tadd Adcox talked of putting together an anthology about angels with many terrible heads and etiquette after our Cinco de Awesome reading at Quimby’s. I was surprised when he came to me to contribute to it. I was surprised to see my boss over at┬áNAP put it together. I saw it last […]

Where I talk about my post as PANK’s Interviews Editor and the future.

When it comes to getting my name out there as a writer, I’ve always taken the shotgun approach, where the theory is that the more I appear, the more I put out, the more I tour, the more people will come to me, read my work, buy my work. I’m realizing this approach isn’t working […]

Once, I Was An Angry Penguin, is now available for you to check out over at NAP Magazine. Below is the video feature for it. Enjoy.

I broke off a professional relationship earlier this week and I almost blogged about the specifics until I stepped back for a moment and recognized it was not the adult thing to do. I instead e-mailed this person why I would no longer work with them, handling the situation directly like an adult. Like any […]

On this day of love, I give you so many gifts. The first and biggest is this. This is a project I worked on in 2010 and 2011 and these are some of the stories that came from that project. It’s a semi linked collection of stories where relationships are destroyed in a fucked up […]