On Mistaken For Strangers, Breaking Bad, Safety Third’s newest upcoming chapbook, and some new work from me.

I wasn’t so sure about The National’s Trouble Will Find Me once the album became available for streaming in full from iTunes. The first five songs worked perfectly, and then the album’s pace and velocity became erratic. Then I listened to it again. And again. And again. I’m happy to say the album is excellent (and […]

Where I talk about The National, Write Bloody, and There Will Be Words.

I’m featuring at a poetry slam for the first time in almost a year next week (April 17).

I read on James Urbaniak’s LiveJournal that The National’s video for “Conversation 16″ premiered. This particular song means a lot to me as it came out in the middle of my impending divorce, especially this part: I’m a confident liar Had my head in the oven so you’d know where I’ll be I’ll try to be […]

When writing sad, emotionally charged work, I’ve used The National as a conduit to reach into that dark place and use the feelings.  Some bands, albums act as more of a cage than a demonstration of the true power a band has: The National is such a band. First off, The National has the perfect […]

Today celebrates one year of the birth of iheartfailure.net as a domain name thanks to my photographer friend Des.  It was her idea that I go from a WordPress blog to a brand domain name.  Thanks Des. LCD Soundsystem was an amazing experience.  James Murphy and crew played their assess off and were incredibly polite and respectful […]

Music has played an integral part of my life and development as a writer.  I was raised on Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, ELO, Talking Heads, and so on.  I was into Robert Palmer’s Heavy Nova album when I was nine.  My first concert was Nirvana in 1993.  I learned how to write poetry through The Smashing Pumpkins, […]

My story, “Scenes From Jurassic Park 5″, is out on Thirst For Fire.  You should read it here and then read the rest of the issue. I’m recommitting to this.  The goal is to put on the first show at the end of 2010, with it getting selected by the 2011 Fringe Festival (hopefully). The […]