A brief look back at 2014 and what’s coming up soon in 2015.

On the importance of maintaining the integrity of your reading series and some publication news.

Hype is an amazing pair of goggles, as is confusion. If you can bewilder an audience with enough style and controversy, it fools people into thinking your content is good: this applies to any form of art. Take The Tree of Life. The critics were falling all over themselves with this movie, nominated for three Oscars. When […]

On finding victory within failure, The Bones of The Terrible Wife reading, a new review for The Bones of Us, and some publication news.

An update regarding my reading schedule, some good personal news, and publication news.


A book review from Black Heart Magazine and a bunch of reading dates in support of The Bones of Us.

Writers are a bit odd when it comes to self-promotion of their product (because your writing is a product). One of the struggles I’ve had with the print runs of There Will Be Words chapbooks is motivating the writers to sell them since they benefit financially once we meet cost. From November 2013-February 2014, we made […]